Monday, 23 February 2009

Hexagonal Box

Ive made this box for my daughter Zoe and her fiance Daz for when the baby arrives. We know she is going to be a girl and they are going to call her Sophie. Zoe has 10 days to go so watch this space.

I got the template from my lovely local craft shop and used DCWV Nannas paper stack. It took a while to cut out and put together but it wasnt difficult, and I really enjoyed making it.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Its been even longer this time

I havent had the internet for a couple of months as we have moved house. Its a fab house and we've all settled in really well.

Ive still been crafting though, done quite a bit of knitting and even done a couple of alltered items. I will take some piccies to show you when I can find where my hubby has hidden all the batteries. You know what its like you put them away so safely they are never to be found again.

Have a busy weekend coming up, have my sister and all her brood ( 5 ) coming to stay the weekend and as we didnt get together at christmas I am doing christmas dinner complete with crackers and stuff on saturday.

Then on sunday I am having a baby shower for my eldest daughter ( Zoe ) who is due on 6th march, hopefully all the merryment wont make her go into labour.

Of to sew up and put buttons on a baby cardi now ready for sunday.

Chat to ya all soon.