Monday, 13 July 2009

Second update in a month

how good am I. Not been too well over the weekend but am back to cardmaking today. Only 2 cards to do to catch up on orders which Im hoping to do tonight.

Thought I would show you some cards I made last week. Im trying to fill the box Natalie has at work, she is selling loads, its definalty helping to top up the crafty stash.

Looking forward to watching QVC at midnight, its a christmas TSV, cant wait.
For some reason I can only get my piccies to show at the top of my posts but never mind at least they are there.
Of to make the 2 more card orders now, will try to take piccies before I send them.
Promise to try and update more often too. Take care all.xxxx

Monday, 29 June 2009

Ooooooopppppppppppppsssssssssss been a while again

sorry all been so busy with orders and making a start on my neices wedding invites. The orders are up todate but the less said about the invites the better. They just arnt turning out like I want them too but Im sure I will sort it out.

Just been away for a few days with my hubby to Ingoldmells near skegness and we had a lovely relaxing time. Of course I did quite a bit of crafty shopping and even made a few cards, although most of the time I sat in the sun and read and in the evenings I cut out a lot of Bagpuss decoupage. Ive had the kit ages but just not had time to play with it yet. Maybe now its all cut out I may get a chance to make a few cards.

Only made 4 cards while I was away with some Smirk stash that I bought before we went away. So here they are, hope you like them.

Will honestly try to update more often.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Crickey how long has it been

Sorry all didnt realise it had been so long since Id updated. Have been busy helping Zoe and Daz with new baby Sophie, who is totally gorgeous.
Hope you all had a fab easter. We did, my sister and her family came to stay for 4 days so although a full house we had loads of fun. Hope to get to hers in Kent sometime late may or early June, could do with a bit of a break.
I have still been crafting and will try and add some of my recent makes later today or tomorrow. It is glorious out the sun is shining and makes everything seem better.
Have been taking a look at all your blogs, they are all fab and there are some stunning cards being made, must be all the sunshine cheering people up.
Thats all for now promise to add some card piccies later and try and update more often.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Hexagonal Box

Ive made this box for my daughter Zoe and her fiance Daz for when the baby arrives. We know she is going to be a girl and they are going to call her Sophie. Zoe has 10 days to go so watch this space.

I got the template from my lovely local craft shop and used DCWV Nannas paper stack. It took a while to cut out and put together but it wasnt difficult, and I really enjoyed making it.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Its been even longer this time

I havent had the internet for a couple of months as we have moved house. Its a fab house and we've all settled in really well.

Ive still been crafting though, done quite a bit of knitting and even done a couple of alltered items. I will take some piccies to show you when I can find where my hubby has hidden all the batteries. You know what its like you put them away so safely they are never to be found again.

Have a busy weekend coming up, have my sister and all her brood ( 5 ) coming to stay the weekend and as we didnt get together at christmas I am doing christmas dinner complete with crackers and stuff on saturday.

Then on sunday I am having a baby shower for my eldest daughter ( Zoe ) who is due on 6th march, hopefully all the merryment wont make her go into labour.

Of to sew up and put buttons on a baby cardi now ready for sunday.

Chat to ya all soon.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sorry its been a while

had a few things going on and not really had time to craft or blog but things are settling now so hope to keep updating and crafting a bit more often now.

Anyway I have been tagged for the first time by no less than 5 people so thanks too Sally, Frances, Caro, Jan and Debsy.

So here goes 7 things about me

1. Just love love love cardmaking.

2. Am a homely family person.

3. Very independant dont accept help easily.

4. Ran for the All England school girls in the 200mtrs and the 4x4 relay. ( couldnt possibly do it now though hehe )

5. Like a glass of good wine.

6. Enjoy reading biographies although not read any for a while.

7. Love watching hospital programmes real life or fiction.

Will sort out who Im tagging later today.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Lovely Surprise

Sally one of my CM&PC friends awarded me the "I Love your Blog ". Ive been working on the layout and adding bits n bobs so am really pleased.

Sally has helped me loads and will probably be helping me loads more too in the future, Bless her.