Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sorry its been a while

had a few things going on and not really had time to craft or blog but things are settling now so hope to keep updating and crafting a bit more often now.

Anyway I have been tagged for the first time by no less than 5 people so thanks too Sally, Frances, Caro, Jan and Debsy.

So here goes 7 things about me

1. Just love love love cardmaking.

2. Am a homely family person.

3. Very independant dont accept help easily.

4. Ran for the All England school girls in the 200mtrs and the 4x4 relay. ( couldnt possibly do it now though hehe )

5. Like a glass of good wine.

6. Enjoy reading biographies although not read any for a while.

7. Love watching hospital programmes real life or fiction.

Will sort out who Im tagging later today.